DIY Gifts-Original, Cheap and Easy

DIY Gifts-Original, Cheap and Easy

Christmas is right around the corner and it is now time for you to start thinking about gifts. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend this year, fret not! The DIY gifts are original, cheap and easy!

  1. Homemade Fort KitHomemade Fort KitHomemade Fort Kit. Such a great idea for the kid in your life. Heck, this could even be great for the right adult! Some things that you could add to this homemade fort kit are: sheets (of course), clothesline, clothes pins, flashlights, and suction cups. You can always throw some extra goodies like beef jerky, candy, and popcorn!


  1. Rice crispy treat in the shape of a Hershey’s kissRice crispy treat in the shape of a Hershey’s kiss. This is the perfect gift for those family members that have a sweet tooth! You can even wrap it in tin foil and create the “kiss me” ribbon. Get the directions for this sweet gift here.




  1. Lip balm locketsLip balm lockets. No one else is going to have these lip balm lockets that is for sure! Not only are you going to keep your lips from getting chapped, you are also going to have a beautiful necklace! Get the tutorial for this statement piece here.


  1. Initial MugInitial Mug. Have a coffee lover in your family? Get them a personalized initial coffee mug. There are many colors you can do this in. Think metallic, or maybe even that special person’s favorite color! It is easy, yet beautiful! Get the directions here.


  1. Dip Mix OrnamentsDip Mix Ornaments. These are so cool, you are going to wish you thought of them yourself! Buy food safe ornaments (normally found at any craft store) and fill them dip mixes! The foodie in your family is going to thank you for this wonderful and thoughtful gift! Get the directions on how to make these edible ornaments here.



  1. Color blocked wood vasesColor blocked wood vases. These beautiful vases will look like you spend a lot of money on them! They never have to know you did them yourself! To make them super personal, make sure you know their favorites colors and flowers! Get the how to here.




  1. Tote bagsTote bags. Now, who doesn’t love a good tote bag? They are definitely going to love a tote bag that was made just for them by you! If you want to make the gift super special, use the tote bag to wrap up another gift! Get the instructions on how to make these beauties here.




  1. Chalkboard cheese stoneChalkboard cheese stone. People are not going to believe you created this chalkboard cheese tray yourself! This gift is great for that person who loves to throw dinner parties or get-togethers. They can now serve their cheese on this fancy platter and write what it is below it. See the instructions on how to make this here.

Here is a list of eight great DIY gifts that are original, cheap and easy to make! But no matter how much they cost, your family and friends are going to love them because they came from you! Enjoy your holidays!