making great homemade gifts with essential oils

Tips for making great homemade gifts with essential oils

There is nothing better than giving gifts which have flair of creativity and personalization in them. By making gifts yourself for your friends and family members you show them how much they mean to you and how much effort you put into the gifts. So enlisted below are a few gifts which you can make by using essential oils.

1.     Linens and room spray

Linens and room sprayThings you need:

  1. Spray bottle (glass or aluminum)
  2. With hazel
  3. Distilled water
  4. Cup
  5. Tea spoon
  6. Essential oil
  7. Labels


First you are going to take a tea spoon of witch hazel and pour that into the spray bottle. Then take half a cup of distilled water and your essential oil and add that to the mix.  The essential oil can protect against bacteria and promote a healthy immune system throughout each season. Put 10 – 15 drop of the essential oil and then mix everything together. You can put a nice label on the bottle to make it look beautiful and with that your linens are room spray is all ready to be gifted.

2.     Carpet refresher

Carpet refresherThings you need:

  1. Jar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Essential oil


This DIY is probably the easiest gift that you will make. Just open up the jar, take your baking soda and pour 2 cups of it into the jar, and then pour 20 drops of the essential oil into it. Mix the solution really well to distribute the scent and you have a great carpet cleaner. To gift it make a really pretty label and stick it on the jar.

3.     DIY essential oil perfume

DIY essential oil perfumeThings you need:

  1. Natural alcohol
  2. Water
  3. Essential oil


The method to make an essential oil perfume is to initially select the essential oil which you think has the best and most appealing scent to you. To get started, first take a fourth cup of water and make sure it’s distilled. Next take the natural alcohol and pour about a fourth cup and put it into the mix. And then finally grab a blend of essential oils.

Now before you get into which essential oil you want to use, get into the basics of scent. There are three different scents that you want to utilize in a home based perfume.

First things first, there are the base notes which are heavier scents in a perfume that will take the longest time to evaporate. Some popular base notes include jasmine or vanilla.

Next up, the middle notes will soften the potency of your base notes. Some really popular middle notes are juniper, ylang ylang, and lavender.

Finally, there are your top notes. The top notes are the strongest smelling scents in your perfume that’s going to add the burst of drama that really makes the best perfume stand out. Some of the popular ones include bergamot or peppermint.

So by keeping these three scents in mind find some essential oils with similar smelling properties to make the best perfume.